My Tripod Page
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Welcome To Melissa's Art Page

Painting is the love of my life. I paint whenever I have a spare minute. Sometimes I get so involved in a painting that I can stay up from 6:00pm to 8:00am painting. Nothing can distract me and I could live with my paints. I will be creating this virtual gallery of my personal art work, (Mainly paintings of famous movie posters, celebrities and other odds and ends) to be shown to the world of Netizens that wish to view my wonderful art. Once I have my paintings scanned and all, they will be put up here! So just wait around and see!

I have had many requests in the past to do personal paintings of people, like grad photos enlarged from a 5x7 to a 12x17 for example. If, after you see my work and wish for a painting, please feel free to contact me through email and we can surely talk.