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The    Golden    Titanic    LifeSaver    Awards!

Thank you for deciding to vote for The Golden Titanic LifeSaver Awards!

These are the following categories. Choose who/what you would like to win and I will post them around April 25th 1998. These awards go to characters and scenes and actions in the movie. Each winner (scene, etc...) wins a Golden Titanic LifeSaver!

Well. It is today, September the 5th and I have been getting quite a huge response to these awards. I have decided to post the "so far" winners, but I plan on leaving the survey up. I will post the new results in about a month. Thank you! And keep the votes coming in!

***I have put the number of votes beside each option***


Name, Country, province/state:

Email address:


Did you see Titanic? (The Greatest Movie Ever!)



If yes, How many times have you seen it?


Pick your favorite Major Character for the Major Character Award:

Rose DeWitt Bukater (38 votes)

Jack Dawson (39 votes)

Caledon Hockley (6 votes)

Ruth DeWitt Bukater (2 votes)

Captain (4 votes) Smith


Pick your favorite Minor Character for the Minor Character Award:

Molly Brown (24 votes)

Mr. Andrews (30 votes)

Mr. Ismay (2 votes)

Fabrizio (4 vote)

Lovett (the guy who found the picture of Rose) (4 votes)

Old Rose (12 votes)


What about Best scene? You can chose one or two. This is for the Best Scene Award.

The famous Kissing scene/flying scene (23 votes)

3rd Class Dance (25 votes)

The spitting scene (9 votes)

The 1st class dinner and at the staircase (3 votes)

When Jack is "flying" and says he's the king of the world (6 votes)

The end when Rose goes back to Jack on Titanic (33 votes)

When Rose throws the Heart of the Ocean off the boat (12 votes)

When Rose finds the Heart of the Ocean in her pocket on the Carpathia (2 votes)

When Jack saves Rose from the back of the boat (3 votes)

When Rose is on the Carpathia and she says her name is Rose Dawson. (13 votes)

When the two of them were in the car. (17 votes)


What about the scariest scene? You can chose one or two. This is for the Scariest Scene Award.

When the ship hit the Iceberg (3 votes)

The whole sequence when the ship sinks (24 votes)

When the Titanic makes those scary noises when it's sinking (11 votes)

When Rose is on the raft and no one is coming (14 votes)

When Cal throws over the table at Rose (1 vote)

When Cal is running after Jack and shooting at him (10 votes)

When we see Jack yelling out the porthole and when Rose uses the axe (9 votes)

When Rose trips on her dress and falls off the back of the boat. (19 votes)


What about the Funniest scene? You can chose one or two. This is for the Funniest Scene Award.

When Jack was caught spitting with Rose (24 votes)

When that guy yelled at Jack and Rose about breaking the ship and they told him to shutup (16 votes)

When Jack was caught on top of Rose after he saved her (4 votes)

When the old Rose asked the crew, "You mean, did we DO it?" (12 votes)

When Jack is going to draw Rose and he says, "Sit on the bed...I mean, couch..." (27 votes)

When Jack says, "Well, Monet painted landscapes!" (9 votes)

When Jack says, "Yes, but with all due respect ma'am, I'm not the one hanging off the back of a boat!" (17 votes)


What about the Saddest Scene? You can chose one or two. This is for the Saddest Scene Award.

When Rose says it's cold and that she loves him (29 votes)

When we see those two old people in their bed. Destined to die together (30 votes)

When the mother in 3rd class is telling her kids a last bedtime story (26 votes)

When Rose is on the lifeboat and it is being lowered away from Jack (15 votes)

When Jack says, "You're so stupid Rose, you're so stupid!" (9 votes)

When Rose says, "You jump, I jump, right?" (6 votes)

When they catch the necklace in Jack's pocket and they take him away (1 vote)

When Captain Smith is seen at the wheel where he is destined to die. (10 votes)


Pick your Favorite Line!

"You Jump I Jump" (Jack) (14 votes)

"Promise me you'll never let go" (Jack) (22 votes)

"I see you..." (Jack) (4 votes)

"You Unimaginable Bastard!" (Rose) (25 votes)

"Put your hands on me Jack..." (Rose) (3 votes)

"I want you to draw me like one of your french girls. Wearing this...wearing only this..." (Rose) (8 votes)


Rose wore 5 main dresses/outfits in the movie. Which one did you like the best?

The Purple Boarding Outfit (31 votes)

The Kimono that she took off in front of Jack (6 votes)

The Dress she wore to Dinner (16 votes)

The Dress she's in when she meets Jack again at the very end (17 votes)

The Yellow outfit she wears on the deck when she sees Jack's art (8 votes)

The outfit that Rose wears when she is flying with Jack. (15 votes)


Pick your Favorite Room/place in the Titanic

The Car (7 votes)

The Staircase (26 votes)

The Gym (1 vote)

The Dinner Room (No votes)

The bow of the ship (45 votes)


Do you own or have heard the entire Titanic Soundtrack?



If yes, what was your favorite track on the CD/tape?


The sweetest thing that Jack did or said to Rose


Any comments? Please tell me any scene/person/action that I may have missed that you think needs to be a nominee.