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The Unsinkable Titanic Webring!

This is a brand new Titanic webring. Designed to be for Titanic Lovers all over the world who love the movie as much as I do! If you want to join my webring, please fill out the form below. There are only a few requirements for joining so listen up!

1. You must have your own website and it must be dedicated in whole or in part to the best movie on earth! (Titanic of course!)
2. You must have a ligitimate e-amil address.
3. You must put the HTML code on your page before I can add you to the ring.
4. And finally, you must love Titanic!

If you apply to all of the above, you can join! The HTML code for my ring (that you will put on your page, somewhere) will look like this:

This Unsinkable Titanic Webring site is owned by
Melissa Angel.

Want to become a member of The Unsinkable Titanic Webring?
Come and join!

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Here is the HTML code for my webring for those who have trouble getting it through mail. Please, if you do it this way, be sure to change the following things marked in white. Please be sure to remember where the things are that you need to change. They are:
ID_HERE = your site id given to you when you joined the ring
YOUR_NAME_HERE = your name
YOUR_MAIL_HERE = your e-mail address.
Thank you!
<!--START THE UNSINKABLE TITANIC WEBRING--> </CENTER> <P><TABLE BORDER=10 CELLPADDING=3 CELLSPACING=3 WIDTH=500> <TR><TH> <FONT Size=2 COLOR="FFFFFF"> <a href="" target="_top"> <img src="" align="left" WIDTH=180 HEIGHT=180></a> <a href=";SITE_ID;next" target="_top"> <img src="" align="right" WIDTH=125 HEIGHT=180></a> This <a href="" target="_top"> Unsinkable Titanic Webring</a> site is owned by <BR> <a href="mailto:YOUR_MAIL_HERE"><FONT SIZE="2">YOUR_NAME_HERE</a>. <BR><BR> <FONT SIZE="2"> Want to become a member of The Unsinkable Titanic Webring?<BR><A HREF="" target="_top">Come and join!</A></FONT> <BR> LONG LIVE TITANIC! </TH></TR> <TR><TH> <FONT Size=3> [<a href=";SITE_ID;sprev" target="_top">Skip Prev</a>] [<a href=";SITE_ID;prev" target="_top">Prev</a>] [<a href=";SITE_ID;next" target="_top">Next</a>] [<a href=";SITE_ID;skip" target="_top">Skip Next</a>] [<a href=";ring=unsinkable1912" target="_top">Random</a>] [<a href=";SITE_ID;next5" target="_top">Next 5</a>] [<a href=";list" target="_top">List Sites</a>] </FONT> </TH></TR></TABLE> </CENTER> <!--STOP THE UNSINKABLE TITANIC WEBRING-->

Now if you are ready to join my great webring, fill out the form below and send it to me. When you finish that, I will send you the HTML code that you will cut and paste onto a page on your site. You will not however be added to the queue until I have visited your site and see my ring. Thank you for joining!

Submit site to The Unsinkable Titanic Webring!
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Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)
Keywords: Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.
Description: Enter a short description of your site.

If you want to edit your site information on my webring, go ahead!

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Thank you for coming. Please spread the word about my ring! My ring was brought to you by Webring.